Connecting people to people and people to place...

• Central Coast, NSW

About the 5 Lands Walk

The 5 Lands Walk is a cultural, physical, spiritual event brought to you as a gift from the 5 Lands community.

In it’s on

The walk connects 5 coastal villages, each bringing its own celebration in and around the surf clubs of the 5 Lands. They are connected by 10km of beaches, headlands, bush, footpaths and streets.

Along the way, you will experience Aboriginal ceremony and culture, music, food, artworks, gigantic kites, whales, dance, sculptures on the beach and craft workshops. The schools of the Central Coast and many different ethnic communities will proudly share their culture, stories and artworks with you.

It's not a race

The 5 Lands Walk is definitely not a race. It's a journey at your own pace through and with the communities of the Central Coast, experiencing their diverse cultural offerings and the landscape they live in. Although the full route is about 10km long, you don't have to complete the entire walk to enjoy the wide variety of activities and experiences. You can sample just some of the programs. You can even drive between the lands or take the free shuttle bus, but completing the walk will maximise your experience.

The 5 Lands community wants you to share our love for this place we call home. We call all that “connecting people to people and people to place”.

The gift we are offering you is an emotional and physical experience

You can be:

The 2019 Walker Experience

In 2019, 21,000 people attended the event.

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