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Walking Comfortably & Safely

The Weather

Winter weather on the Central Coast can be warm and sunny, and cold, wet and windy, even on the same day.

We've experienced the full range, and the show always goes on. If you want to be comfortable, do what we are doing; plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Average maximum daytime temperature in winter on the Central Coast is around 18c. Wind may make it feel much cooler. Add some rain and it can be quite unpleasant. But we've mostly had pretty good weather over the years.

It may be cool at the start and finish of the day, but you may be very warm in the middle of the day, especially after a long climb to a headland, so be ready for anything.

If excessive rain means that either of the Coastal Lagoons at MacMasters Beach or Avoca Beach open up and so close off the beach, or any track becomes unusable, we’ll have shuttle buses to ferry you round the obstacles. The recent track upgrade at Winney bay has solved most of the potential problems.

What to Bring

Wear comfortable clothing and carry a rain jacket for rain or wind. A hat will be good for both sun and rain, but hang on to it if the wind is blowing at Captain Cook Lookout.

Wear comfortable enclosed footwear that doesn’t mind getting sandy, wet or muddy and won’t give you blisters. Bring several layers of clothing that allows you to adjust how much you are wearing depending on the weather at any time. That’s better than one heavy jacket or sweater. Sunscreen and sunglasses will be needed if weather is as good as we hope.

All activities offered by the 5 Lands Walk are free of charge. This may include food offered by the communities, but you should not rely on this as supplies will be limited. So you should bring your wallet if you want to buy food or drinks from cafes or the surf club kiosks along the way. Don't forget the discounted "late lunch" at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, or a meal or drinks at one of the many excellent restaurants, bistros and cafes in the area.

Carry a water bottle. See 'Drinking water' to see how to top up your bottle. You may want to carry a snack to enjoy at one of the headlands or any other rest stops you make. A small bag to carry out your garbage will help keep the route litter-free.

A smartphone that can check the web will be useful if we need to make any special announcements about major changes or any problems arising or you check the weather radar. A phone to make a call for medical assistance will help you manage any medical issues that may arise. Don’t forget your camera – there’ll be plenty of colour and movement, eye catching sculptures, spectacular views and (hopefully) whales to capture as your memory of a great day.

What to Expect Along the Way

Parts of the route are rough bushwalking tracks. Be aware of slippery surfaces, rough uneven ground and trip hazards. Keep a close eye on children in your care.

There will be safety officers along the route. If help is needed, contact them, or in the event of an emergency, phone 000.

There are public toilets at all 5 Lands and in the Surf Clubs. Garbage bins are usually located near the Surf Clubs. If you can’t find a bin, please take your garbage with you. Please also try to recycle bottles and cans.

Please respect the land you are walking through. It is the Country of the Darkinjung people, and managed by Central Coast Council for the benefit of all. Please also respect the privacy and rights of property owners whose land adjoins the route. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.

But mostly, just enjoy the many experiences we’re offering.

Bringing Your Dog - Council and Transport Restrictions

While we're quite happy for you to bring your dog, bear in mind large sections of all the beaches as well as bushland reserves along the route are no-dog zones. Council officers may be in attendance and it's their call on whether to apply their regulations. If you bring a dog, please respect the no-dog restrictions.

Click here for Council's off leash and the beach no-dogs zones information.

Where dogs are permitted, please keep your dog on a lead and clean up your dogs mess as required under State and Council regulations. Limited sections of MacMasters Beach/Copacabana, Avoca Beach/North Avoca are approved dogs-off-leash areas so your dog is free to run in those areas; but please don't let them harass other beach users or adjoining properties!

Dogs are not permitted by law on the shuttle buses - sorry!

Guide dogs may be exempt from these restrictions, please check with the relevant authority.

Drinking Water

The best way to make sure you have water to drink, with the lowest impact on the environment, is to bring you own water bottle. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle, but if you forget, there are some water bottles available at the registration desk.

There’ll be no sale of bottled water by stalls or suppliers – just refill stations serving FREE tap water, so don't forget to bring reusable bottles. You can refill it at the free filtered drinking fountains and bottle fill stations near each of the Surf Clubs.

Central Coast Council will also be installing temporary water bottle filling stations at:
At The End

When you get to Terrigal, visit the finish-line tent to:

And don't forget your 5 Lands Walk stamp entitles you to a discount meal at the Crowne Plaza.

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