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Ephemera Application Form

5 Lands Walk Exhibition of Ephemeral Sculpture

Avoca Beach -



The Visual Arts Committee of the 5 Lands Walk Inc and 5 Lands Artists Collective Inc invite artists to submit an entry in the annual 5 Lands Walk Avoca Beach exhibition of ephemeral sculptural installations, Ephemera, on Avoca Beach.

Key Dates

The 5 Lands Walk is an annual cultural event that began in 2006. It is a cultural, physical and spiritual journey comprising a 9 km walk through the 5 coastal lands of MacMasters Beach, Copacabana, Avoca Beach, North Avoca and Terrigal. It is timed to correspond with the winter solstice and the annual northern migration of the whales, which are the totem of the Darkinjung people of the Central Coast. Along the walk, each village hosts cultural activities reflective of their community with the aim of connecting people to people and people to place. These activities include the presentation of food, music, dance, land art, paintings and photography, as well as education in Aboriginal culture and heritage, whale migration and the surrounding natural environment.

The 5 Lands Walk is a fusion of artistic, cultural and physical approaches to a sense of place. All the creative artists of each community contribute to the festival. The 5 Lands Walk is a combination of five events in one. People who come to experience the event can do so in one land or all five – they create their own story. The Ephemera sculptural exhibition at Avoca Beach is one of the featured cultural events of the 5 Lands Walk and is unique to the festival.
The 5 Lands Walk

Only ephemeral sculpture consistent with the exhibition theme made from found, natural, local or recycled materials is eligible for entry. Ephemera adopts the 5 Lands Walk’s theme of “connecting people to people and people to place”. Ephemera is about demonstrating a sense of place through a sensibility to the physical, spiritual and cultural environments of the 5 Lands. Interpretation of the theme is open, but might include reference to Aboriginal, pioneer or more recent history of place and connection of its people to the land. It might include influences like the winter solstice and its significance to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, the serpent creation story or the northern migration of the whale. The Ephemera theme is broad, allowing for individual modernist/postmodernist artistic inquiries to be exhibited alongside more symbolic and public artwork.

Artists may site a previously exhibited work provided the work is conceptually congruent with the 5 Lands Walk theme of connecting people to people and people to place. All sites are on the sand at Avoca Beach. The exhibition is open to extreme weather changes and tidal variation. All sculpture must be made to withstand the weather and be safe for the general public to engage with. All sculpture must be safely sited using footings in the sand or other securing methods. In your application please provide a Safety Statement of no more than one A4 page on how you have addressed any hazards the construction of your sculpture may pose and how your construction methods will address these safety issues including details of the footing or securing methods you would use.
Eligible Sculpture Policy and Theme

Artwork for the Ephemera 2021 exhibition will be selected by a panel comprising the Ephemera Curator of the 5 Lands Artists Collective Inc and a nominee of the 5 Lands Walk Inc Committee plus two nominees of 5 Lands Artists Collective Inc. The panel will consider the Eligible Sculpture Policy in making its selection for the exhibition. It will also consider the Artist’s Submission. This is to be no more than 250 words outlining the proposed sculpture. It should also include wording for signage (max 25 words) which will be used for the exhibition catalogue.
Curatorial Panel

In keeping with the ethos of 5 Lands Walk, Ephemera is not an art prize exhibition nor can we arrange for sale of the artwork in the exhibition. Participating artists are, however, most welcome to leave their business cards on display at the front desk of the indoor exhibition space at Avoca Beach Surf Lifesaving Club and contact details for participating artists will be included in the exhibition catalogue.
Artist Contacts

Installation is 6am til 8am and de-installation is anytime after 4pm on . Installation details including site numbers will be provided to selected artists prior to the exhibition.
Installation and De-Installation

To Enter

Please complete the online entry form and provide supporting information by Sunday 16 May 2021. If you are unable to complete an online entry contact: Vanessa Drinkwater


  1. Completed Online Entry Form which includes your Artist’s Submission (250 words maximum) and Safety Statement
  2. Complete wording for signage (25 words)
  3. You will be contacted to send a PDF or JPEG photo or drawing of your proposed installation (or previous similar work)
Please do not send original maquettes or drawings. Should the curator deem any artwork to be unsafe at any stage of the exhibition, the curator will either request the artist to rectify the safety concern or remove the artwork. All risk in the exhibition of a sculpture remains with the artist. No security for the artworks is provided by the organisers.

Please note that vandalism is a possibility and is a risk borne solely by the artist.

Artist Entry Form

Entries close 16th May 2021

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