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• Central Coast, NSW

Family Fun

The whole 5 Lands Walk is designed for all members of your family, so we think there's something for everyone - but we've singled out two things that we think everyone in the family will all enjoy together.


North Avoca is the home of the giant kites. If the wind is right, some of the best kites in Sydney are brought up and flown on the beach - huge, colourful, spectacular.

And there's a kite making workshop, so learn the basics of building and flying your own kite. So hope for a sunny but windy day!

Whale Talks and Cruises

This is the time and place to see whales - and we don't charge a cent for the experience.

The annual migration of the humpback whales from Antarctica to Hervey Bay in Queensland reaches its peak around the time of the 5 Lands Walk, and they swim right past us. So there's a very good chance you'll see whales.

You can even hear them breathe. Yes, they are that big and that close!

The best place on the day is at Captain Cook Lookout, up the hill from Copacabana where the whales usually pass very close to the foot of this headland.

To improve your whale experience there'll be:

So you can hear Jeannie's fascinating talks about whales and touch some of the bones, baleen and other whale artifacts.

Whale Watching Cruise​

And after that experience, what not get even closer to these amazing animals? We've asked our friends at FantaSea to put on a whale watching cruise the day after the 5 Lands Walk ().

Even more reason to come to the Central Coast and have an amazing weekend.

Click on the FantaSea image for details including fares and booking.

If you want to know more about the Ocean & Coastal Care Initiative click here.

Click here if you want to check out NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service's website Wild about Whales. They've got a neat phone app that tells you what whale sightings are being made.

Find Captain Cook Lookout - Copacabana

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