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• Central Coast, NSW

North Avoca

Yaama Welcome!

Join us for a day of Cultural Celebration with our local Aboriginal peoples living on the Central Coast Darkinjung Country. We invite you to immerse yourselves in the spirit of kinship.

Experience a Culture of richness in customs and practices of our First Nation peoples. Learn and hear about the importance about dreamtime stories like the celebration of the Whale migrations and participate in every aspect of traditional Darkinjung life.

See the spectacular giant kites on the beach at North Avoca

The Wishing Wall
Share your Hopes and Dreams on
the Wishing Wall

Art and Craft Exhibition (Upstairs in surf club)
An intriguing exhibition featuring a selection of outstanding Aboriginal artists

Curated by locally renowned Aboriginal artists Donella Waters & Wendy Pawley

Traditional Weaving with the Mirring Women
Creative Therapeutic
Immerse in the absorbing process of traditional ​weaving on the balcony of the surf club​

Program TBA

Wishing you a happy 5 Lands Walk !!!


• Downstairs at the Northern end of the North Avoca Clubhouse
• Upstairs in the North Avoca Surf Club

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