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• Central Coast, NSW

In-Person Celebrations Cancelled - 2021 5 Lands Walk

6 August 2021 – A Virtual Experience

President of the 5 Lands Walk, Pauline Wright, is disappointed to announce that the enduring nature of the pandemic means it will not be possible to hold our celebrations live on 25 September 2021 as we had hoped. Nevertheless, she said “we do have an exciting offering for our community”.

“Each year 5 Lands Walk is a gift to the Central Coast community from over 700 people of the 5 Lands drawn from the Aboriginal community, the multicultural community, the artists and musicians of the Central Coast and the people who have made their homes in the 5 Lands. And we have found a way to make that gift despite the restrictions imposed on us because of the pandemic.

“We need healing and community now more than ever, so we are planning the 5 Lands Virtual Experience to be celebrated over the 5 Lands weekend of the Spring Equinox 2021.”

The 5 Lands Virtual Experience will feature contributions from the artists and musicians of the 5 Lands Walk, our Aboriginal community, a film celebrating our spectacular coastline, Stories of Place – a very special project featuring 12 stories by older members of the community illustrated by 12 school-aged children coordinated by Adrienne Ferreira and Jo Francis, and the Australian launch of a very special film by international award-winning director, producer and composer Yantra de Vilder.

We’ll come together face to face at a safer time in 2022 but, in the meantime, we hope that you’ll join us for the 5 Lands Virtual Experience on 25 September 2021 so that we can continue connecting people to people and people to place.

Look out for further details through our Facebook page and on our website.

6 July 2021 – 5 Lands Walk 2021 reborn with the Spring Equinox

Equinox, when day and night are equal in length, occurs twice a year, in March and September, heralding Autumn and Spring.

This year, the Spring Equinox heralds something particularly special, with the 5 Lands Walk now scheduled for 25 September, corresponding with the southerly whale migration along the Pacific coast, offspring in tow.

For both visitors holidaying on the Central Coast and locals celebrating the delights of Spring, 5 Lands Walk 2021 promises to be one of the best yet.

5 Lands Walk President, Pauline Wright, said “In common with the organisers of many events this year, our Organising Committee was acutely aware of the disappointment the postponement of this year's celebrations would cause the thousands of registered participants, not to mention the 5 Lands Walk’s 700-plus volunteers and sponsors, who had worked so hard to plan this fantastic free event."

"The decision to postpone was made because of our responsibility to ensure safety for all in these Covid impacted times.”

"So, we are delighted to announce that the 5 Lands Walk Weekend 2021 will take place from 24 to 26 September 2021, with the Walk to occur Saturday 25 September after our Opening Ceremony on Friday the 24th. It is important for the 5 Lands community to come together at a time when the whales are migrating, and what better time to celebrate the rebirth of the 5 Lands Walk 2021 than Spring?"

"I look forward to sharing this amazing community event with you and encourage all 5 Lands Walkers to keep an eye on for details and registration. Any further advice we may receive from Health authorities closer to the date will also be found there."

"Please diarise and share the new date with your family and friends and help us make the 5 Lands Walk 2021 an extraordinary celebration connecting people to people and people place", said Ms Wright.

24 June 2021 – 5 Lands Walk postponed

Due to the Public Health order issued on 23 June, the 5 Lands Walk, scheduled to proceed on Saturday 26th June, will be postponed to a date in the very near future.

The 5 Lands Walk President Pauline Wright says “While we are confident that we can comply with the newly announced COVID-19 restrictions with some modifications, we are concerned about the possibility that an asymptomatic person could unknowingly come to the event.

"If we go ahead now the 5 Lands Walk will be restricted but if we proceed later it will be a celebration. The 5 Lands Walks mantra is 'connecting people to people and people to place' and we aim to exclude no-one. Wearing masks and the other restrictions mean that many people will be unable to participate in the celebrations. We don’t want to risk the health of or community by gathering people together right now. We would like to minimise the risk to our community and see everyone come together later, when our community can connect with each other with reduced fear and enhanced sense of belonging.

"The decision has not been made lightly, and we thank everyone for their understanding. For our community, the 22,000 walkers, the performers, our 700+ volunteers, the risk is too great. We want to enjoy this time with you. We need healing and community now more than ever and we have this incredible annual celebration. Let’s come together at a safer time in the very near future.

"There is a great need in our community to connect people to people and people to place. We need connection now more than ever with the separation we have experienced in the past 15 months. There is a spirituality with what we are doing in bringing people together and this is linked to the solstice, the migration of the whales, to this season – and it joins us all. So an early date is planned."

The postponement extends to the 5 Lands Walk Opening Ceremony scheduled for the evening of 25 June, and will enable this spectacular Indigenous and multicultural performance to include a community choir and parade on a new date. "This Opening Ceremony deeply moves people and brings us all together. Our performers have been rehearsing for months and want to do this justice."

We will advise the new date once we have confirmation from all stakeholders. This will be announced through our Facebook page and on our website.

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