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• Central Coast, NSW

Schools Photographic Workshops & Exhibition

The 5 Lands Walk is fortunate to have sponsors of the calibre of Mark & Evette Moran.


The Moran Group is a world leader in Aged Care having been recognised by their International Peers with Prestigious Awards for their innovative approach in their newest facility at Vaucluse. Mark & Evette are also associated with the Moran Art Prizes. These unique & globally significant prizes recognise excellence in Australian portrait painting & photography.

Mark & Evette are Platinum sponsors of the 5 Lands Walk & also conduct Photographic Workshops for 10 primary schools the Central Coast. Photography is an increasingly accessible and easy-to-do art form. Even phones serve as excellent cameras with great quality and features.

The Mark Moran Group has facilitated photographic workshops for students from 9 primary schools within the 5 Lands of the Central Coast.

Schools participating are:

Sally Mayman from Turtle pictures works with a group of 30 students from each school. Students are each given a camera to work with for the day. There are 3 sessions across the day:

The students have taken many shots throughout the day and each school is supplied with a disc of all their photos. The schools choose one photo for each student to be displayed at Copacabana Surf Club on the day of the 5 Lands Walk; .

These workshops have provided students with a unique opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and enjoyment of photography. This helps children get the most out of this art form so they take better photos and see their environs in new ways.

They explore the art and technique of photography, visual storytelling and interpretation the themes. The immediate nature of digital photography is a real bonus. The children learn so much on the day and are then rewarded with visual results in the afternoon.

Achievement Awards are presented to the students at 10am on in Copacabana Surf Club by Liesl Tesch, MP Member for Gosford.

Special thanks to Sue Lewis for coordinating the workshops with the schools & Sandy James for organising the Photographic exhibition.

Platinum Sponsors