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• Central Coast, NSW

The Route

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Where does the route start and finish?

The 10 km route starts at the surf club at MacMasters Beach, heads north to the surf clubs at Copacabana, Avoca Beach and North Avoca following the beaches, headlands, bush tracks and back-roads to the surf club at Terrigal.

You can join and leave the route at any point you choose, whenever you chose - but we do encourage you to register.

Who can do the walk?

Any able-bodied person, including children, should be able to complete it. However, most of the route is on beaches and bush tracks which are not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs. Click here for information about bringing your dog (or not!).

People with disabilities will have access to events at each Land, even if the walking route isn't suitable. Special parking is available at each Land.

How long does it take and is it hard to do?

Walking the full route will take from 4 to 6 hours. But allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the views, visit the exhibitions, witness the Aboriginal ceremonies and ethnic cultural displays, watch some whales – and a take a couple of breaks. Remember, it’s not a race, so allow yourself the whole day.

There are several long steady climbs, up and down, and a couple of short steep sections with steps. There’s even a boggy patch to add interest. The steep, rocky track from Copacabana down to Winney Bay has been upgraded to concrete steps with handrail and boardwalk, thanks to Central Coast Council and Terrigal MP Adam Crouch, who secured funds from State Premier Mike Baird in 2015.

What if I run out of puff, time or the weather turns nasty?

That's what the free Busways shuttle buses are for. They operate throughout the day so you can get back to Terrigal, or avoid steep hills or catch up on time. Click here for information on the free shuttle bus program.

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