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• Central Coast, NSW

Our Volunteers & Sponsors

Our volunteers and sponsors - we can't live without them

Without our fantastic volunteers and sponsors, there would be no 5 Lands Walk. They are all committed to offering you a unique event that helps you connect to people and place - and you won't have to pay 1 cent to participate.

Our sponsors provide the financial, business and infrastructure resources needed to put on the festival. They are truly great organisations run by great people.

Their support allows us to provide food and water, transport, staging, insurance, safety, traffic control, garbage collection, track & program information, music, art displays, printing, competition prizes, accounting, marketing, etc etc etc; everything we need to put on an event we hope you'll enjoy and which is free of charge.

Our volunteers provide the creativity, commitment, skills, cultural experience and manpower to design, operate and perform in this major event. Over 700 people contributed their time and skills in . This ranged from pre-schoolers performing their whale dance, through Aboriginal men visiting from interstate to perform corroboree, to school kids doing song and dance, ethnic communities presenting their cultures and offering their food, high school kids providing marshalling and shuttle bus services, artists curating art exhibitions and retired business people providing operational, marketing and accounting support.

There's a huge amount of work done, for free, by a lot of people. And we thank every one of them.

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